A Loan Alternative: Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you are seeking to finance the purchase of a restaurant or office park, a stated income commercial real estate loan may be the right alternative for you. This is different than a traditional commercial loan. Rather than focusing on the buyer’s credit, it requires that the property’s value can cover taxes, insurance, and mortgage costs before approval can be made.


How You Can Use Commercial Real Estate Financing

Ard Commercial Capital is prepared to offer you many options for your stated income commercial loan:

  • Purchase property: If you are throwing valuable funds into renting, consider buying a property and making it both an investment and asset.
  • Improve property: Does your business need a facelift? Use the funds for a new exterior, parking lot or major repairs.
  • Refinance: With a 25-year fixed rate loan, you can leave that high-rate and balloon mortgage behind.
  • Working capital: Use these funds to enhance your business in the way that you see fit, including advertising, location expansion, and more.
  • Debt Consolidation: Put all of your monthly expenses, business debt, equipment leases, and IRS payments into one low monthly payment.


Because the property’s value is the main component in financing approval, there is generally less paperwork to complete to qualify, making the process quicker. Conditions also include the following:

  • Both self-employed and W-2 employees qualify
  • Amounts between $100,000 and $5,000,000 available
  • 600 credit bureau score and up necessary
  • To 65 percent loan-to-value ratio (LTV) for office, warehouse, self-storage, retail, and auto service
  • To 70 percent LTV for one to four-unit, non-owner occupied investment properties
  • To 75 percent LTV for five or more-unit multifamily and mixed use properties (requires 700 credit score and DSCR at 1.25 for full 75 percent)

We also offer soft money loans up to $500,000 with fixed rates and fully amortizing to 25 years. Most commercial property types are accepted, and closing can occur within two or three weeks.

Call our experienced team at Ard Commercial Capital today to get started on your stated income commercial real estate loan.