Solving Your Greatest Challenge With Purchase Order Financing

Often, procuring enough financing for the export, import and domestic production of pre-sold merchandise can be more difficult than any other aspect of the business. Our highly experienced team at Ard Commercial Capital has a solution to this problem: purchase order financing.


Who We Can Help With Financing

You should have the same opportunity as an established company to receive funding for your business, even if you have just started, have problems accessing capital or are having a hard time establishing revenue. We commonly help finance each part of the pre-sold merchandise chain of producers, wholesalers, resellers and distributers.

We specialize in trade finance Letters of Credit for domestic trade purchases and import and export transactions, and production financing for work already in process.

Benefits of Purchase Order Loans

The financial institution you choose should not be the only entity receiving benefits, so we offer a wide array of benefits that are encompassed in our purchase order loans:

  • Flexible financing that is fast and easy
  • Quick turnaround means deliveries to customers are on time
  • Opportunity for increased market share
  • Greater potential and growth by being able to fulfill more orders
  • Company expansion without added selling equity or bank debt

Do not wait to satisfy your merchandise orders. Call Ard Commercial Capital today to speak with an experienced representative and secure your purchase order financing.