Equip Your Business for Success

No matter the size of your business or which industry you’re in, you’ll need the proper equipment if you hope to run an efficient and professional business. Rather than deal with having to figure out where and how to get the money for quality equipment, you and your business will be better off with equipment financing from Ard Commercial Capital.


Lease Options

For this particular program, we offer:

  • Applications up to $150,000 without the need for financial statements
  • As much as $20,000,000 for middle market items
  • Little to no down payment
  • More than $500,000 for large ticket items
  • A variety of payment structures
  • Financing for nearly each and every type of business equipment

We also offer as many as 84 months for you to repay your financing, and you’ll enjoy excellent rates in the meantime. One thing we ask is that you have a company that’s been operating for at least two years.

Sale Leaseback

Over the years we’ve found that a majority of companies would like to expand and require working capital to do so, but would rather not use their bank lines. To work around this obstacle, our equipment leasing program only considers your current equipment’s equity. We’ll buy up your equipment and lease it back to you for the duration of the program. Once you’re done making all of your payments, you’ll retain ownership of your equipment.


Another trend we’ve noticed in regards to business equipment leasing is that a majority of traditional lenders are unwilling to offer their services to newly established companies. It makes no difference to Ard Commercial Capital if you’ve been in business for fewer than two years, we’d be glad to help however we can.

For more info about our equipment leasing and financing program, or if you’re in need of government and municipal leasing, contact us today.