Supply Your Business With Unlimited Financing

Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing the act of using your company’s receivables as collateral for up front financing. Ard Commercial Capital would like to offer liquidity solutions for companies that offer their services to other businesses that pay in at least 30 days. We have the resources for companies of all types, including those that have just gotten started, those that are losing money and those that are currently in bankruptcy. The reason we’re able to do so is because receivable financing is dependent on your customer’s credit rather than your business credit, which isn’t considered a debt.

Sell Your Business Assets the Right Way

When financing receivables, you’re essentially outsourcing your business’s accounts receivable department. Our receivable factoring program is set up so that your customers business credit is checked and so that you’re notified if there are any red flags to be aware of.

Additional features of our factoring program include:

  • Receive your cash in as few as 24 hours.
  • Business across various industries can be financed.
  • Non Recourse options available, even if the account fails to pay.
  • No fixed payments.
  • Options that include credit insurance.
  • Improve your funding as you improve your receivables and sales.

Now you’ll be able to easily take care of unexpected and large orders as well as take advantage of any discounts your suppliers have on large orders or early payments. For more info, or for ideas on what to use your working capital, contact an Ard Commercial Capital representative today.